Many people are apprehensive about starting an online Yoga teacher training course. They’re worried they won’t get an authentic Yoga experience or adequate guidance to expand their practice and prepare them for teaching Yoga.

Akasha Yoga guides you step-by-step through a 200 Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher Training course that combines practice, philosophy, and self-awareness with whole-hearted support from experienced Yoga teachers. 

Deepen your practice. Discover your purpose. Teach with confidence. 


You feel it in your bones––you were meant for more. Greater self-knowledge. Heart-felt connections. Inner peace. But what if you miss the signs that guide you toward a more fulfilling life? What if you don’t take advantage of that one opportunity that could change everything? Don’t be held back by inexperience or doubt what you’re capable of. Commit yourself to living exquisitely, from your heart, with passion and purpose. Deepen your knowledge of who you are through traditional Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. Start from where you are, right here, right now.


Most of your questions are answered in our in depth introduction video. Discover our clearly structured curriculum and get inspired by the breath-taking quality of our life-changing course by watching this clip:

Train With Masters

Akasha Yoga is the real deal. Senior, devoted teachers with decades of experience guide you every step of the way. Dive deep into fundamental Yoga scriptures. Learn breath-based asana, pranayama, meditation, and anatomy. Grow a spiritual foundation for authentic practice. Develop and practice key teaching techniques for safe, expert guidance and alignment.

Learn At Your Own Pace 

Study at a rhythm that’s right for YOU. Unlike other Yoga schools, our 200 hour certified online Yoga Teacher Training course is designed to give you total freedom to study and practice at a pace that suits your life, while receiving live support and feedback. Immerse yourself in intensive 1-month training or spread it out over 3 or 6 months. You’ll develop a flow that puts you in charge of your Yoga journey. 

Join Our Community

Learning doesn’t happen in isolation. When we connect with like-minded people we grow our understanding and deepen our compassion. Daily Zoom calls allow you to practice in a fun and interactive group setting, ask questions, listen to others’ insights, and foster life-long connections. You’ll have lifetime access to instructional resources and an international community of Yoga practitioners.

Transform Your Life 

This immersive yoga training course teaches you how to surrender to the moment and live with greater awareness and intention. Heart-opening techniques, meditation, and breath-based asana guide you through a deep and transformative inner journey that will enhance your relationships and change the way you see the world.


You’re taking a huge step forward. An authentic Yoga teaching training course takes time, commitment, self-compassion, and expert teachers who’ve been there. 

That’s why we designed a holistic, professional program that dives deep into practical and spiritual Yoga fundamentals while remaining accessible to all levels of learning. 

No matter where you’re starting from, we want this to be the best investment of your life.


  • Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers at the highest level (E-RYT-500)

  • A decade of teaching more than 900 certified Yoga instructors worldwide, who are now teaching on all 6 continents

  • Consistent 5-star review ratings & heart-felt testimonials


Some words from our graduates

Ashley from the USA

“I am so grateful for this amazing experience. I am honestly speechless and have no words to express the gratitude I have in my heart for the two of you. This TTC was exactly the next step for my spiritual journey and I can feel a newfound momentum. My life will never be the same, and this is a beautiful thing. Thank you for helping me grow and dive deeper.”

Clarissa from the US

“This course has inspired me more than I could have ever imagined! The training has not only given me the tools to make the transformation from yoga student to yoga teacher, but also the tools to connect with my heart, relax and be present, and it has shown me the joy and passion I have for teaching.”

Moises from Switzerland/Spain

“Burkhard and Kirsten are living examples of what they talk and teach. Their personal commitment and professionalism were there in every moment. Simple and powerful gestures of compassion and kindness were always their natural expression. I feel inspired by their profound and truthful example as persons and teachers.”

Arianne from Canada

“For me, the course was not only inspiring but transformative! I first got into yoga for the asana practice, but I soon realized that there was more to it. I have found so much meaning in the teachings of yoga and I am ready to apply them to my life. Moving forward, I know that I can trust in myself and in the universe. For the first time in my life, I feel connected.”


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  2. Begin the most rewarding journey of your life


  • 200-hr online training certified by the International Yoga Alliance

  • Rich & interactive curriculum that meets & exceeds official requirements

  • Professional teachings based on decades of committed research, study & practice

  • 200+ state-of-the-art video lessons filmed in our exclusive "BALIWOOD" studios and compatible with any device

  • Guided practice and theory, basic asanas and sequencing, breathwork, meditation, philosophy, anatomy, teaching methodology, and self-practice

  • Connect with a worldwide community of beginning and experienced Yoga practitioners and teachers

  • Lifetime access to all videos and training materials

  • Mentoring for professional development, marketing, and networking

  • Akasha Yoga comprehensive training 700+ page manuals

  • Weekly Bhajans chanting with our teachers


Our heart-centered Yoga teacher team cultivates a genuine family connection. We’re excited to share our love for Yoga and life with you. We will personally guide you through an authentic and perspective-shifting teacher training program while supporting you on all levels.

Our holistic syllabus includes theoretical & practical components of classical Yoga & meditation. Experienced & passionate senior teachers deliver each class in a safe & nurturing learning environment. 

    1. Terms & Conditions

    2. Welcome & Intro

    3. Get to Know Your Teachers

    1. Schedule – Part 1

    2. Part 1 Overview

    1. 1.1.1 Asana Practice – Kirsten

    2. 1.1.2 Meditation Practice – Burkhard

    3. 1.1.3 Welcome – Practicalities Part 1

    4. 1.1.4 Scope of Hatha Yoga – Burkhard

    5. 1.1.5 Pranayama Practice – Devdas

    6. 1.1.6 Principles of Practice – Kirsten

    7. 1.1.7 Ashtanga – 8 Limbs – Devdas

    8. 1.1.8 Asana Practice – Kirsten

    9. Join our Daily Live Calls on Zoom

    1. 1.2.1 Sadhana Asana – Kirsten

    2. 1.2.2 Sadhana Meditation – Burkhard

    3. 1.2.3 Breath – The Key to Asana - Devdas

    4. 1.2.4 Duality – Burkhard

    5. 1.2.5 Sadhana Pranayama – Devdas

    6. 1.2.6 Meditation Intro – Kirsten

    7. 1.2.7 Yama & Niyama – Burkhard

    8. 1.2.8 Sadhana Asana – Devdas

    9. Join our Daily Live Calls on Zoom

    1. 1.3.1 Sadhana Asana – Kirsten

    2. 1.3.2 Sadhana Meditation – Burkhard

    3. 1.3.3 Subtle Foundation – Devdas

    4. 1.3.4 Non-Duality – Burkhard

    5. 1.3.5 Sadhana Pranayama – Devdas

    6. 1.3.6 Mechanics of Posture – Kirsten

    7. 1.3.7 Yama & Niyama – Burkhard

    8. 1.3.8 Sadhana Asana – Burkhard

    9. Join our Daily Live Calls on Zoom

    1. 1.4.1 Sadhana Asana – Kirsten

    2. 1.4.2 Sadhana Meditation – Burkhard

    3. 1.4.3 Chakras Introduction – Devdas

    4. 1.4.4 Significance of the Heart – Burkhard

    5. 1.4.5 Sadhana Pranayama – Devdas

    6. 1.4.6 Posture Study – Kirsten

    7. 1.4.7 Yama & Niyama – Burkhard

    8. 1.4.8 Sadhana Asana – Devdas

    9. Join our Daily Live Q&A

About this course

  • $1,490.00
  • 243 lessons
  • 127 hours of video content


Take a closer look at our 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher training in these videos:

Not sure if an online Yoga teacher training course is right for you?

We know it's a big commitment, and we’re here to answer any logistical or personal questions you may have. All inquiries welcome!

In our heart-centered team we cultivate a genuine family connection, and we can't wait to share our love for Yoga & Life with you. We personally guide you through authentic & eye-opening programs, and we are here to support you on all levels.

Our life-changing courses transmit theory & practice of classical Yoga & meditation, delivered by knowledgeable & passionate senior teachers in a safe & nurturing learning environment.


Head Teacher Burkhard Langemann

Burkhard is a Yoga Alliance certified and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the highest level (IYF & E-RYT-500). In addition to thousands of hours of retreats & workshops, he completed over 1300 Hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings. Since 2008, Burkhard has been sharing his vast experience in a variety of contexts, including Yoga Teacher Trainings, meditation retreats, workshops & life-coaching sessions. He has been teaching in various locations across Asia, Europe & America. Together with his dear friend Kirsten, he founded in 2011 the Akasha Yoga Academy.

Head Teacher Kirsten Berry

Kirsten teaches classical Hatha Yoga asana & pranayama, Yin Yoga & meditation. She is certified by the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the highest level (E-RYT-500). Since 2008, she has been presenting drop-in asana classes, workshops & meditation retreats, as well as a variety of 200-Hour & 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings. On her way, she supported her teachers to setup & run Yoga centers in Mexico & Thailand, before she co-founded the Akasha Yoga Academy with her dear friend Burkhard in 2011.

Senior Teacher Devdas Sahaja

Devdas is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-500), who is trained to teach meditation, pranayama & Hatha Yoga. Before joining the Akasha Yoga Academy team, he taught Yoga for twelve years in several major cities of India. He helped set up & run several Yoga & meditation centers, and has been sharing the joy of selfless service Seva & Kirtan chanting all around the globe.


Experience the breath-taking quality & benefits of our premium 200-Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training

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3-Months Payment Plan Available

Because we want to see you shine we have created a 3-month payment plan for you to join the Akasha Family

Giving Back

Your tuition helps feed a Balinese family in need via the 'Plastic Exchange' Project.


  • Is this training Yoga Alliance registered & recognized?

    The Akasha Yoga Academy is a Registered Yoga School and a member of the internationally recognized Yoga Alliance (Registry-ID: 87485). The curriculum of our fully accredited Teacher Training meets & exceeds the requirements of this leading organization. Upon successful graduation from the course, you will receive the officially accredited certificate. This authorizes you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and enables you to optionally sign up with the international Yoga Alliance. Successful graduation from our online program authorizes you to become a full-fledged & officially Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). We are registered with the international Yoga Alliance based in the US. However, the different international Yoga Alliance branches across the world share very similar standards for Yoga Teacher Training Programs and Continuing Education. They all maintain an updated registry of certified Yoga Teachers and Yoga Schools and tend to recognize one another.

  • Will the certificate be acknowledged in my country?

    You will receive an internationally recognized Yoga Instructor Certificate. With this degree you can sign up with the international Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). With more than 53,000 registered Yoga teachers & schools, Yoga Alliance is by far the largest provider of credentials and certification in the world. The US based organization is internationally recognized, and to sign up with them supports your reputation globally. Experience shows that most national Yoga associations also acknowledge certificates that are approved by the international Yoga Alliance. As we are accredited members of this global organization our graduates are usually able to register with their respective national associations. Please contact your local organization to verify the respective terms for your specific country. Find out how to register with the international Yoga Alliance:

  • Is the online certificate the same as on-site?

    The comprehensive curriculum of our fully accredited Online Teacher Training meets & exceeds the standards of the International Yoga Alliance. When graduating from our interactive online course, you will receive an officially recognized certificate that is identical to an on-site course. You'll get a regular full-fledged Yoga Alliance certificate that carries exactly the same value and looks exactly the same as one coming from an on-site course.

  • What is the duration of the course?

    You are free to take the course at your own pace – while being fully supported by the momentum of a global group of Yoginis. We offer interactive 1-hour live Zoom calls twice per day! You can join a minimum of 24 group sessions whenever it fits your own schedule. To empower you to fit this educational program into your daily life, we do provide a personalized flexible schedule for you: We offer customized sample schedules for a 1-month intensive format, and for slower formats taking 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 9 months. This gives you plenty of optional guidance, but you are of course fully free to change & create your own individual rhythm. Our experienced team will in any case guide you on each & every step of the way. Due to the Covid exception of the international Yoga Alliance, you can currently receive a regular, full-fledged certificate online. In order to get certified by the international Yoga Alliance, participants have to complete their training within 1 year from the time of purchase. The personal guidance ends after 1 year, but experience shows that we will find ways for you to graduate before. And remember that you have full life-time access to all videos & materials! (For those students who enrolled before August 01, 2021, the deadline for finishing the course is December 31, 2021.)

  • Interactive tools for online participants?

    We’ve been offering outstanding educational programs for more than a decade and our premium online courses provide a great variety of interactive ingredients. See for yourself: PERSONAL SUPPORT You will receive plenty of one-on-one guidance, starting with a customized schedule and continuing with individual support on all levels. Various practicum assignments give you a chance to send us videos of your own practice & teaching. In turn we provide detailed feedback & personalized supervision for you. There are so many other interactive communication tools offered: connect directly with us via WhatsApp, email or messenger, ask questions in the forum of our exclusive online platform, interact with your new global Yoga family in private Facebook & WhatsApp groups, etc. It doesn’t get much better than this. LIVE ZOOM CLASSES We offer 1-hour group Zoom calls twice per day. You can join a minimum of 24 live sessions whenever it fits your personal schedule. This provides the best mix of individual freedom and heart-felt group support. Connect directly with your teachers, ask any question, share your experience & learn from others in our uplifting international community. It’s really such a beautiful experience. Trust us on this one. he Zoom call Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday: 08:00 = 8 am Tuesday: 14:00 = 2 pm Monday to Sunday (daily): 18:00 = 6 pm   Singapore Time Zone = Bali = AWST GMT +8 = UTC +8 A LIFE-TIME OF RESOURCES In addition to the awesome one-on-one and peer-to-peer support, you get full access to all professional materials: The entire 200 hours are recorded in true high-end audio & video quality. We produce all sessions in our state-of-the-art Baliwood Film Studio (as compared to the common amateur webcam approach of other schools). Playback on any device, pause, rewind & refresh in future months & years with complete life-time access – a priceless gift of learning. For more than a decade, we’ve been upgrading & polishing our 4 Teaching Manuals to perfection. You get free access to useful pdf files & printed books. In addition to these 700+ pages of complimentary reading, you receive a grand variety of mind-blowing resources on all related topics. Bottom line: We’ve got you covered on all levels. Really.

  • I am a beginner. Are there any pre-requisites?

    Experience shows that our foundation program is suitable for beginners with some basic practical experience. There are no specific formal pre-requisites to join this intensive course, although practical experience is of course of advantage. The key is your openness and your sincere enthusiasm!

  • Are there any assessments/examinations?

    Please see below for the rough outline of how your participation will be assessed and integral standards measured. As you are taking the program at your own pace, the below schedule will be spaced out accordingly. Week 1 - Quiz, Film & send self-practice. Week 2 - Film & send 60 min practicum. Week 3 - Film & send 90 min practicum. Final Assessment: 30 multiple choice questions along with a written exam part (that replaces the physical part of what we would do onsite).

  • What happens if I have questions?

    Any questions that arise will be answered via multiple channels (Zoom/Facebook/WhatsApp)

  • What if I have problems with my internet connection?

    Don't worry if your internet connection is somewhat slow. Our state-of-the-art system allows for streaming to mobile devices in lower resolution. But you can even join when you sometimes do not have any online access: It's a special feature of our course that you can download all videos to your devices. This is actually a very unusual & generous offer which most other schools do not offer. Our download option enables you to join our digital course even with limited online connection, and also allows you to enjoy the benefits of full life-time access to all materials.

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