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In this certified Anatomy Course for Yoga Teachers you will learn how the practice of Yoga relates to the human body in an engaging & interesting way.


The accredited teachings will give you the confidence & clarity to teach with greater confidence. Learn by examining & feeling key anatomical landmarks on your own body and gain first-hand knowledge that you can apply to your own practice.

Become a Certified Yoga Anatomy Teacher From Home


The Yoga Anatomy Training manual by Akasha Yoga Academy further breaks down & references each lecture with anatomical diagrams. This digital manual provides a simple way to comprehend the anatomy of bones, ligaments, fascia & tendons. 

In addition to the skeletal & muscular systems, we also explore the  wonders of the respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine & nervous systems. 

We trust that you will en-joy the journey. 


Meet Your Teacher

Burkhard Langemann has a deep understanding of the body from an eastern and western perspective. He's a Yoga Alliance certified and experienced registered Yoga Teacher at the highest level (IYF & E-RYT-500) and is also the Co-founder of The Akasha Yoga Academy.
    1. Anatomy Manual (pdf)

    1. 1. Introduction Part 1

    2. 2. Introduction Part 2

    3. 3. Terminology

    4. 4. Skeletal System Part 1

    5. 5. Skeletal System Part 2

    6. 6. Muscular System Part 1

    7. 7. Muscular System Part 2

    8. 8. Respiratory System Part 1

    9. 9. Respiratory System Part 2

    10. 10. Respiratory System Part 3

    11. 11. Cardiovascular System

    12. 12. Digestive System

    13. 13. Endocrine System

    14. 14. Nervous System

    15. 15. Classical Yoga & Anatomy - Part 1

    16. 16. Classical Yoga & Anatomy - Part 2

About this course

  • $149.00
  • 17 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

Become a Certified Yoga Anatomy Teacher From Home

Upon completion of this accredited course, you will earn an Anatomy for Yoga teacher's certification by Akasha Yoga Academy, as well as Continuing Education Credits from the international Yoga Alliance. 

All students who pass this training will receive a digital certification.

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