Connect – Practice – Exchange

We have been asked by many of you over the years to organize a Graduate Retreat – with the intention to connect with the Akasha family & practice!

We feel now is the right time to manifest this vision. In these strange times, connection nourishes our Hearts & Souls. 

Connection to one another, connection to our practice, and connection to our own Hearts knowing.  

The Heart can transmute the current energy of stagnation & confusion into love & understanding. Let's not wait for borders to open or travel to pick up – we want to meet you now! 

Let's practice together, share together, talk & joyfully sing immersed in the energy of the Heart. 

We so much look forward to meeting you soon in celebration and in the practice of Yoga.

Schedule of Events

Opening Sat Dec 26 – Retreat Sun Dec 27

  • 1

    Recording of Welcome Zoom (Sat, Dec 26)

    • Opening & Sharing Circle (Recording of Live Zoom)

  • 2


    • Breath-Based Hatha Yoga with Kirsten (90 Min)

    • Pranayama & Relaxation with Devdas (60 Min)

    • Gratitude & Compassion – Inspiration Talk & Meditation with Burkhard (60+20 Min)

  • 3

    Recordings of Live Events

    • Challenge as Opportunity – Inspiration Talk with Burkhard (40 Min)

    • Ecstatic Bhajans (60 Min)

    • Yin Yoga by Kirsten with Hang Music by Burkhard (60 Min)